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This work did not come by accident or by sudden, it is a study which has been thought over time. The researcher had a lot of things I =n mind, before he chooses it as a topic of study.

As a matter of facts. This research work took into consideration” an appraisal of the operation of insurance association in Nigerian (a case study of CIIN).

The  study did not stopped there, it went further to reveal how good  it is for one to insure and management techniques could be used to be, not only alleviated the problems but indicate it completely. Methodology used in all. This prime of comprehension for both professionals and students who may come across it in any manner.

In chapter one of this study, it talks about the benefits one can derived by insuring his property and also the introduction one ho insurance started. Chapter Two and Three is also talking about the meaning of insurance, and the roles they played in handling people’s property (ies)



1.1     Background of the study

The moral tents, which are accepted as right and good are in the first place economic principle, which if over looked will certainly retained the comfort and advancement of any civilized community and if followed will benefit all concerned. Take one of the common maxis namely, Help one another which is usually interpreted as meaning that it is proper to help those who need help. It implied that most of us are selfish and perhaps thoughtless  especially in our youth. We should learn not to think exclusively of ourselves, but encourage sympathy and kind feeling toward others.

We can view the concept of  insurance as being found on recognized need by a community to enlighten the burden of its individual members in periods of adversity though co-operation efforts. Here, is the justification for the existence of age grades, friendly societies, social clubs and the like which survive til the present day. All these are industry true and of moral import but there is a further  aspect if we do not help  one another, we shall quickly  Detroiter in the scoop of civilization and shall liable to encounter trouble and accident and it  should be recognized that the more expeditiously and effectively. This misfortunes can be surmounted to the better, it is not only for the one helped but for the community to which the suffer  belongs in the early civilization, these  were always many people who honestly tried to help those in trouble as there certainly are now but their effort could have many people suffered through disastrous made good by charity and kindly help. The dread of disastrous loss must certainly have restricted the opportunity of numerable trade but the whole mankind suffered to an extend which it is impossible to measure.


insurance business in Nigerian comes under incessant attack from all quarters, it has been described as inefficient, irresponsible an so on. Prof Obi Mordi has identified three aspect of insurance as the sources of image  problems in insurances and they are:

Product packaging

Product distribution

Claims settlement

Product packaging:  insurance being an intangible product, the expression “product packaging” does not refer to visual effect that a well packaged tangible product would have but rather  the easy will which the contractual terms and conditions which govern the indemnification of  the insured is understood.

Product distribution: insurance service is mainly distributed through insurance agents and brokers referred to as insurance intermediaries. This is a group with varied educational  background, emotional and psychological make-up as well as manner of service delivery.

Claims settlement: the taste of a good  insurance  transaction lies in the manner in which a claim is handled. This is why it is referred to as the acid test for Insurance. Most of the  disputes between the insurers and their policy holders arise from claims settlement and, in fact, It is the areas that imprige more on the image of an insurer and he insurance industry as a whole.


The main objectives of this study is to know the operations of insurance association in Nigerian.

to examine the effort made by insurance association in reduced the chances of individuals suffering in the occurrence of accident, death and lesson of properties.

To examine the extent the insurance associating has installed conference into individuals and organization in taking an insurance policy.


Insurances is a safe-guards against risks any device aimed at reducing the chance of a risk occurring, what it happens, reducing the extent of its damage and providing the affected persons with compensation is form of insurance.

The following  are the benefits of insurance to individuals, insured, public and entire economy.

Primarily it guarantees that the insured will be indemnified (compensated) in the event or the insured risk happing.

The world economic systems would obviously grind to a half if there had not been an institution like insurance. It closely follows trade and commerce giving helping hand in times of distress.

Investments of insurance companies helps to fiancé new projects an thereby creates employment opportunities for job seekers.

The risk management aspect of insurance services helps to improves risk and thereby prevent losses.


This research work is intended to creates awareness and importance’s of insurance to individual and the society.


          The success of Insurance largely depends on tehco0operation of a large number of people. The larger the number of people insured the greater the likelihood that the assessed contributed of each person would collectively be more than enough to off-set the total cost of compensation to be paid to person who suffer loss in any given year of insurance. It also covers only an appraisal of the operation of insurance association in Nigerian.


Limitation of the study include: uncooperative attitude of some officials in some areas visited in providing the vital documents needed in making this project a successful one, insufficient funds and time constraints.


Indemnity: to restore the insured to the same financial position hw was before the incident

Insurable interest: The legal right to insurer and the financial involvement which is insurable.

Insurer:  the customer who has obtained insurance cover or protection from the insurer.

Liability: something one is responsible for in law

Premium: money paid by the insured or customer to obtain insurance protections

Pure risk: prospect that a less many or may not occur.

Risk: uncontainty of loss

Penil: danger or risk

Policy: document which evidence the insurance contract.

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