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1.1.         Background of the Study

The industrial Electronics has changed the whole field of Engineering and technology is occurring so rapidly, even in developing countries. It is so because newer technologies overcome older ones. After the industrial revolution the world shifted towards the information age with the development of computers during the1950's.

As such, mechantronics means the principle that combines the application of mechanical and electrical means has taken over the greater part of industrial electronics which is indispensable in modern technology.

In Nigeria, security which is one of the basic lookouts in any productive firm, has been on the decrease. Most industries have gone bankrupt because of their inability to meet up to the security standard required in a modern day setting. Equally, some homes and offices have lost important documents and properties due to easy access that criminals have. There is thus an urgent need for significant security measures to improve the standard of living of the people, enhance development and put to a stop the menace of insecurity. That is the reason as a student of Computer System Engineering the project named "Intruder Detector Alarm System with direction”, was embarked on.

1.2       General Description of the Project

This electronic system consists of four sensors made up of opto couplers realized with combination of Laser beam, from Laser diode coupled into a cadmium sulfide photocell (C.D.S photocell).

This component serves as an electronic eye, the output of opto couplers conditioned by a Schmitt trigger NAND gate control Logic (74 Ls 132) TTL chip. The output of the 132 chips is used to trigger one short delay which reset an astable multi-vibrator which generates the frequency that is used to drive the buzzer alarm. Each of the sensor output is fed to a BCD to decimal priority encoder whose output is decoded to a format that can be displayed using a seven-segment display (common anode).   The buzzer is interfaced through a single transistor static switch.

The entire system is designed in such a manner that whenever somebody wants to gain entrance through the back door, the electronic eyes (optocoupler) installed at the locations respectively senses the presence and triggers a buzzer alarm at the security department of the cantonment and seven-segment display shows the exact location of the intruder.

1.3     Aim and Objectives of the Project

1.       The major aim of this project is to design and implement a microcontroller based multipurpose security device with direction capable of securing a military cantonment from intruder location and detection and to control access to a strong room in the cantonment.

2.       Another objective of this project is to ground the graduating student in electronic system design and implementation involving Random logic.

3.       This project is also aimed at acquainting the young engineers with skills for engineering, technical and scientific writing which is very indispensable in their professional practice.

4.       Another aim of this project is to familiarize these graduating students with electronic system designs that have real life application in industrial security.

1.4    Project Significance

The project construction work is used in a number of places like in a military cantonment to provide security against enemies, fire-outbreak and unauthorized access into their strong room, bank strong room doors to avoid intruders; another vital application of this project is in office doors, and in modern buildings. Also this project is for security surveillance in combination with closed circuittelevision (CCTv). The project of this nature can also be used in JAMB and WAEC strong room doors.

1.5     Scope of the Study

This project is focused on the design and implementation of intruder detector alarm system with location. It covers the following: light dependent Resistor, Seven segment display and other passive and active components used in the design. It also elaborates the mode of calculation of certain circuit parameter used in the system design.

1.6     Project Report Organization

The realization of this project is presented in chapters for clarity purpose. Chapter one contains a brief introduction to the project. Chapter two is titled as the literature review, while chapter three is the system design. Chapter four exposes the Implementation and mode of construction, chapter five is testing and integration, problems encountered, recommendation and conclusion.

This material content is developed to serve as a GUIDE for students to conduct academic research


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